API Changes for API Diff Demo
From Version 1.0 to Version 1.2
This report documents all of the files in API Diff Demo that were modified, added, or deleted between versions 1.0 and 1.2. It also provides a breakdown of every API change between those two versions, using a C/C++ parser to detect the changes.
Changed Files
  • A default value has been added for argument 1 of Fireworks::SetNumberOfParticles() 
  • Variable Fireworks::NUM_PARTICLES added 
  • The access specifier for Fireworks::FireParticle has changed from public to private 
  • The type Fireworks::FireParticle has changed from a class to a struct 
  • stack.h:
  • A const qualifier has been added to Stack::IsEmpty() 
  • stack_priv.h:
  • The implementation of function Stack::Pop() has changed 
  • timer.h:
  • Preprocessor #ifndef directive changed 
  • Preprocessor #define directive changed 
  • The declaration for AutoTimer::AutoTimer() has changed 
  • A const qualifier has been added to AutoTimer::GetElapsed() 
  • Function AutoTimer::AutoTimer() added 
  • Function AutoTimer::operator=() added 
  • version.h:
  • Preprocessor #define directive changed 
  • Function Version::HasFeature() added 
  • New Files
  • singleton.h